Orange Dijon Tamarind Glaze for Halibut

Here is a wonderful Glaze brought to you by:

Dwayne Ennest
Executive Chef, Cuisine Concepts
Diner Deluxe ~ Open Range ~ Big Fish ~ Vue Cafe

Part A:

Olive Oil
Diced Carrots x 1cup
Diced Celery x 1cup
Onion x 1pc
Garlic x 2cloves
Ginger x 1Tbl
Jalapeno x 1pc

Part B:

Balsamic Vinegar x 1cup
OJ (From Zested Oranges) x 11/2cups
Duck Stock x 2cup

Part C:

Grainy Mustard x 3Tbl
Chopped Herbs x 1Tbl
Tamarind Paste x 2Tbl
Orange Blossom Honey x 1cup

Part D:

Cornstarch Slurry

Part E:

Orange Zest x 2pc


  1. Sautee Part A Until soft.
  2. Add Part B to Deglaze.
  3. Add Part C and bring to boil.
  4. Strain, and put back into pot.
  5. Add Part D until slightly thick
  6. Remove from heat and add Part E
  7. Portion and lable



  1. do you have any recipes for your cranberry honey mustard?

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